About Galerie du Bocage

Galerie du Bocage is an online marketplace, an e-commerce site called "marketplace" which allows independent sellers, professionals or individuals, to sell their products on the Internet. In other words and schematically, the Galerie du Bocage is like a shopping arcade, or a shopping center, but on the Internet.

Initially, a shopping arcade is a grouping of shops within a single covered pedestrian area located in the city center. For the Galerie du Bocage, its "city center" is very vast, it covers the departments of Manche, Mayenne, Orne and Ille-et-Vilaine, symbolized by its headquarters located in the village of Teilleul, point of intersection of the two thousand-year-old road axes Mortain - Gorron (Roman road Maine-Normandy) and Domfront - St-Hilaire-du-Harcouët, on the famous Paris - Mont-Saint-Michel road axis.

On our site you find local producers, manufacturers, artisans and traders who put their products online without fixed costs, only a commission is taken on each sale. Galerie du Bocage, which does not take care of storage, merely connects buyers and sellers for the act of purchase and collections, with the products sold being delivered directly by the sellers.

Our marketplace has many advantages for both parties. On the buyer side, they benefit from a large choice of products on the same website, coming from regional trade in a large number of categories. For sellers (professional or not), it offers access to a large number of potential customers, without assuming the costs of an online store, while managing themselves the placing of their products online, and taking advantage of a payment guarantee.