How to become a seller and open your own shop

Any local trade, craftsman, farmer, company or even individual can become a seller and open its own BOUTIQUE in the Galerie du Bocage. No registration fee or monthly fee is required. Only a percentage is perceived on each sale, from 5 to 15% depending on the sector of activity.

Quick start

To register, simply click on Sign in to create a user account and then click on CREATE YOUR SELLER ACCOUNT. After receiving a confirmation email, the seller can directly enter his items and immediately put them onlineHe can also configure his own delivery system, if he wishes.

Detailed procedure

To start 1 you must have a user account on the Galerie du Bocage or create one. Create your account
When the user account is created, 2 on "Your account" page, you must register by 3 clicking on CREATE SELLER ACCOUNT , then 4 fill out a form with all information you need to create a seller's profile: names, addresses, SIRET number, logo, description of the future store and other administrative information. After 5 validation of the form, the registration must still be accepted by the administration of Galerie du Bocage, then 6 the new seller will receive a confirmation email.
From then the new boutique is visible on the site, with logo and contact details, and the seller can 7 start entering products and 8 put them immediately online. He can also configure his own delivery system, if he wishes.


The shots of the products, as well as the access to the seller's account and its update, can be done easily with a mobile phone .

For small object shots we can provide small studios of shots, on request.